Uber Bookstore Partners with Heart2Heart Bookreads

September 20, 2016

Heart2Heart logo reduced 100 percentHeart2Heart Bookreads has partnered with Uber Bookstore to feature it’s romance writers: Jessica Hart and Riley Rose. We hope you’re as excited about this partnership as we are. We’re spreading the word to all the supportive Uber riders that they can read the wonderful Indie titles as featured by Heart2Heart.

Traveling means that sometimes there is down time and we at Heart2Heart Bookreads would like to offer you some fun distraction by reading about the adventures of the many titles and characters as embraced by the published works of Heart2Heart Bookreads.

These include the following bestselling titles found here on Amazon:

An American Hero of Love

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An “American Hero of Forbidden Love” is an all American Love Story that’s filled with modern romance and thrilling suspense. Joshua Langdon is a part of the United States Coast Guard. He’s home between missions but about to deploy again. He’s kind, caring and loyal. He’s also completely and happily single. The happenstance of danger throws Abigail Preston right in his path. Being the dedicated soldier that he his, he steps up to rescue the damsel in distress. One small problem, he doesn’t want a girlfriend or complications in his life.

She’s running from her past. Something dark, dangerous and sinister is following her. She’s driven to handle her own business but must accept help from Josh when she knows they’re no one else to help her overcome her current dilemma.

More complications unfold when Josh offers her a safe place and her only choice is to accept his offer. He doesn’t want love and she is running away from a haunting fear. He is a protector who shouldn’t fall for her and she is a target searching to hide. Not quite a soldier love story or the perfect romantic relationship. The unfortunate complication of forbidden love unfolds in no way that either of them expects or trusts to end happily ever after…

Industrialist Finds His Girl Friday

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An industrialist makes the decision to pursue the call to a woman. One only available to him. He doesn’t share.

She makes a decision to save the most important person in her life, her dying mother. She is young, impoverished and driven to rescue the last endearment in her life. She is confronted by a choice keep a deal with a very bad man or to choose a relationship with a reclusive stranger.

She is willing to give up her truest virtue. She focuses on keeping her arrangement as obstacles continue to fall in her path. She ducks and dives to the best of her non lived life. How can she keep such an arrangement when a dark door opens to one big confronting addition that she never saw coming.

The content is recommended for 18+ due to mature themes and sexual content. Read about all of the Riley Rose and Jessica Hart books in the Uber Bookstore at www.UberBookstore.com.

Vampire Rules for Love

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This story is even more than a women’s fiction romance and suspense tale about how four human females turn into blood sucking vampires… Once upon a time there were four young girls living the San Franciscan city life. They meet, become friends and are jilted for super models while double dating at a dinner. This love story is centered around Eve Mcqueen. Now united as close girlfriends, Eve, Brooke, Aimee and Mindy all attend a black tie affair. Unbeknownst to them, they are abducted and turned by Alexander Rousseau, Eve’s favorite uncle. The young ladies don’t know Alexander is their sire. They were all attending the debutant ball of the season to see Eve’s cousin introduced as a debutant and enjoy the splendid celebration of the event in a grand, end of spring/beginning of summer fastidious party affair.

After being attacked, and initially catatonic, the girls recover but are all turned into creatures of the night, thanks to Alexander. They are released from a sanitarium to be coached and taught how to hunt and survive in a human world as vampires. They emerge as four brand new female vampires, known to their kind as drainers, but they don’t know all the rules or the price to be paid for breaking them. So at threat of death to their loved ones they must live in secret, yet they decide they cannot live forever without love.

They make a vow to find true love and to find out who turned them into bloodthirsty drainers. Finally, they bond to avenge their maker.

Readers are calling ‘Vampire Rules for Love,’ “a juicy twist” filled with characters that are “sexy, trendy and hot!”

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