Richard Castle’s “Storm Front” Is The Best Ride Of Bond-Like Fun and Hilarious Romance

December 6, 2016

richard-castle-storm-front-screen-shot-2016-12-05-at-7-58-02-pmI noticed Storm Front on display at my local library and I was intrigued to listen to it on audio CD because I was enduring long commutes.

I didn’t expect to enjoy the ride I got from this story as much as I did.

I was pleasantly surprised at the quality caliber of the writing. I was a fan of the TV series, Castle, especially the first season. The character’s edge of Beckett noticeably changed thought by season two and if truth be told I was a little disappointed in the softening edge that she became after season one. Still I picked the show back up a couple of seasons later and began to enjoy the cat and mouse romance written around the central murder drama. In particularly, I was attracted to the writing of Terence Paul Winter.

His Castle story ideas were fresh, always with an original angle and always came with a funny, edgy repertoire of plot. This is what comes through in Storm Front. Who’s writing this story…? I don’t know. I do suspect a name or two, as hinted in the story’s acknowledgement and guest appearances of bestselling authors on Castle. Nevertheless, the story doesn’t disappoint. It begins with high profile murder, on a global scale. I hadn’t read the previous Derrick Storm novels, and so I entered this tale’s story without a familiar history except for what was referenced in Castle’s story in the television series.

Derrick Storm is resurrected thanks to the underpinnings of the CIA in this story. Storm is delightfully funny in a James Bond type of fashion and appeal. He follows the murders centered on high finance and international trade. The villain is apparently an old nemesis who has somehow survived a previous death event orchestrated by the story’s strong hero, Storm. Not only do we travel around the world in this tale, but we also meet so many characters in between that are newly entertaining and so much fun to engage with in the story.

These novels have found another fan; I will be seeking out the former stories and the continuing tales of Derrick Storm. It’s such a great distraction and oh so much fun to just read about and enjoy! What better way to escape the real life complications of one’s present day drama than to delve inside this dark and delightful tale of murder and espionage? This story gets all 5 stars. The writing is truly fun and engaging. It’s been a great commute escape that I’ve had enduring the infamous sig-alerts of Los Angeles traffic. I’m very much looking forward to the next Derrick Storm novel!

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