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November 29, 2016

concessions-of-a-uber-driver-logo-w-welcomeI am a Publisher, Author, and a Writer/Producer.

A recent partner of Uber Enterprise.

I have been in love with stories, in the form of books, TV shows and films for my entire life. My first love was science fiction, the second was action adventure and the third was romantic comedies. More than ever, I enjoy creators of wonderful stories, those that create whole new worlds like Star Trek and Star Wars, those that use original setup and payoff with great delivery like the Godfather series and wonderful, original comedy with romance like When Harry Met Sally and Something’s Gotta Give.

I have been a very active on Amazon since 2008. My personal library of Kindle books, includes many new authors, self-published authors and a number of old favorites. I read multiple genres, as well, these include action adventure, mysteries, fiction, science fiction and all forms of romance novels. My reviews will include a mixture of current, new titles and old favorite author titles.

I provide these written reviews, both on Amazon and on this blog, for you. I am not receiving a form of compensation. I enjoy the world of books, media and entertainment and want to help others find new and wonderful authors and help others to make informed purchase decisions.

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