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October 14, 2016

Vampire Rules for Love is a book is all about vampires searching for love and is available now:

VampireRulesforLoveKindle-1-New Cover finale Click here to purchase now!

Adult/Thriller/Suspense Novella

Vampire Rules for Love is a cross between True Blood and Sex and the City. Four female friends are seeking love and careers in San Francisco. They find heart brake, dissatisfaction and disappointment. Next they are turned into the world of becoming vampires. They must forge new lives but never reveal their true nature or suffer the fate of being killed by the Council of Drainers.

Recommended for audiences 17+

Vampire Rules for Love now part of

Vela Kurv Becomes is filled with action adventure wrapped inside a love story.

Vela Kurv Becomes - Fiverr book cover Front Corrected 07-01-13 B Get your copy here!

Vela Kurv Becomes‘ is a sexy, thriller tale of the struggle for the survival of the planet Earth, through covert supernatural abilities. A girl turns into a determined woman. She is hired undercover, to investigate how to fight against invading aliens, as she uncovers her betrayers. Through her adventure, she sees, understands, and appreciates who she is for the very first time, and the battle she faces is not only with invading forces, but with mankind, as well.

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